Easiest Ways To Improve Your Backyard

As Summer comes to an end and Fall approaches, spending time outdoors becomes more enjoyable. The temperatures aren’t as high, the sun sets a little earlier and people are inclined to relax outside.

Backyard improvements and outdoor living spaces are also great return on investments when you’re ready to sell your home. Having a great outdoor space is a win win.

What are the easiest ways to improve your backyard?

Add a deck or patio

The first step in having an outdoor space to enjoy is… having an outdoor space to enjoy. Adding a deck or a patio is a smart improvement to your property and it designates the areas you’ll use for gatherings and hanging out with friends and family. There are several different options here including a wood deck, a screened in porch and a stone patio so get on Pinterest or Google and find some inspiration from similar home and lot sizes in your geographic region.

Set up an outdoor living room

If you have a patio or porch, add some outdoor furniture to create an outdoor living space. A big rug, some patio furniture including couches, love seats and end tables, and a few plants can make a great space for sitting and relaxing. Include an ottoman or a table for a focal point and you have a new favorite spot to sit and read a book or socialize with friends and neighbors. If you want to go next level, find a spot to add a television or an inflatable movie screen for outdoor movie nights.

Set up an outdoor dining area

Have company over to your place as you cook and eat outdoors. Spruce up your grilling station by transforming it into an outdoor kitchen area. Lowe’s, Home Depot and other stores are selling outdoor islands and cooking stations to upgrade your existing grill. Add an outdoor dining table or some picnic tables for everyone to sit. Consider a pergola or a giant umbrella to provide some shade and serve up your best cookout foods.

Build a fire pit

A fire pit is a great focal point and gathering spot for the backyard. They are relatively inexpensive to buy one and there are several Do It Yourself videos on Youtube that can show you how to make them for even cheaper, if you don’t mind doing some work and getting a little dirty. Some backyards come with multiple firepits, one for big burning and others for smaller sitting areas. Fireplaces are becoming more and more popular as well and you can find those in stores or build them yourself as well. Fire features are great for gathering everyone around for S’mores, ghost stories or a beverage of choice.

Add some outdoor lighting

Accenting the backyard with some landscape lighting or adding some string lights to the patio or sitting area offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you want to add lighting for the ambience or make it safer to walk around outside, outdoor lighting creates a cozy, bistro-esque environment everyone can enjoy.

The backyard is a great place to hangout and enjoy the company of others while getting some time outside. It doesn’t cost a whole lot to get the backyard suitable for entertaining and the return on investment can be big when it comes to resale value of your home.

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